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A visitor plays a guitar in one of the 13 sections at the Torro Loneliness Museum in Beijing. [Photo by He Xiyue/Xinhua]

Organizers hope to create a haven for people who feel alone, and remind them that there are others who feel the same way too

Located in one of Beijing"s most active art communities, the loneliness museum is always packed and bustling. However, everyone who visits the museum claims that they are lonely.

Liu Jiawei, a 22-year-old university student, sat quietly opposite a fluffy toy bear and ate hotpot, went to the hospital alone, and took the last subway home. Learning to deal with loneliness after ending a long term relationship was a challenge for her.

"When you are used to being together with someone, you feel uncomfortable when both parties suddenly separate," Liu said.

The Torro Loneliness Museum, which opened two weeks ago at the 798 Art Zone, has reproduced several scenes in which visitors can immerse themselves and resonate with loneliness. Divided into 13 sections including an office at night, the last subway, a hotpot restaurant and a hospital, the museum displays over 1,000 stories of loneliness, with words of encouragement and ways to deal with being alone written on the walls and the stairs.

Despite its theme, it is not always a solitary journey at the museum. In a room with three stationary bicycles, strangers can ride them together to light up the bulbs on the wall, which form a sentence - "Loneliness comes together with love".

Liu pedaled the bicycle at full speed with two other girls. When the bulbs on the walls finally lit up, they laughed together even though they had never met before.

"I am always sad these days, but I felt very relaxed and happy just now," Liu said.

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