Chinese doctorred and white wristbandss help Cambodian cataract patients in BRI campaign

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An ophthalmic medical team from South China"s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region arrives in Kampong Cham province in Cambodia in March, 2019, to offer free cataract treatments. [Photo/]

Another team of Chinese medical personnel arrived in Kampong Cham province in Cambodia in March as part of a campaign against cataracts in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The new team, which includes two chief physicians, one deputy chief physician, one head nurse and two nurses from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, was the fourth of its kind.

A Chinese ophthalmic surgeon conducts an eye examination for a local patient in Cambodia in March, 2019. [Photo/]

When the Kampong Cham provincial hospital published the news of Chinese doctors offering free cataract treatments, local patients and those from other provinces began arriving there for medical assistance.

Liang Hao, a professor from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University and a member of the team, conducted his first operation in Cambodia on a 36-year-old woman.

The woman, a single mother of five, began seeing from her left eye after the operation. She said will start working again after she’s fully recovered.

A Chinese ophthalmic surgeon performs cataract surgery on a local patient in Cambodia in March, 2019. [Photo/]

Liang said while the cataract operation is considered simple, it is not easy to carry it out successfully.

The professor said new ophthalmologic operation technology could be taught to Cambodian ophthalmologists to get timely diagnoses and treatments.

Ngel Wuth, an ophthalmologist from Preah Ket Mea Lea Hospital who studied at Guangxi Medical University, also participated in the medical service team. He speaks Chinese fluently.

A Chinese ophthalmic surgeon works with a local medical staff in Cambodia in March, 2019. [Photo/]

Ngel Wuth said Cambodia has high incidence of cataracts and other ophthalmic diseases, but the country has poor medical resources so many patients are unable to obtain medical help.

Chinese doctors have brought advanced medical technology and experiences which could help not only Cambodian patients but also doctors, he said.

Kimsour Phirum, the master of Kampong Cham Provincial Health Department, expressed his gratitude to Chinese doctor and Chinese people. He said more and more patients will benefit from the campaign of eliminating cataracts in countries along the routes.


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